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Native birding colombia proudly presents its schedule tours, each one is carefully thought and  planned in detail, in order to leave an unforgettable birding experience in your life; thinking about you comfort, your expectations and desires, every tour is designed to visiting the best birdwatching/birding places in colombia, giving you big chances to meet and delight with our native birds: the endemic, near endemic, very restricted, beauty and rare in the land of the birds


These tours are very varied on habitats and ecosystems which offer you the opportunity of enjoy an ample array of bird species: incredible winged gems as the hummingbirds are, complex mixed flocks of colorful Tanagers, active Flowerpiercers, Saltators, Brush-Finches, Woodpeckers, Ovenbirds, hiding Antpittas, Tapaculos and Wrens; Antbirds, Charismatic Macaws, Gracious Parakeets and Parrots, powerful raptors etc... to those more quiet ones: Puffbirds, Jacamars, Tyrants, Manakins  and many other species congregated in only one country.

The list is huge ! and  your check list is going to increase once you take one of these dreamed tours !

Tour options 2020/2021

Many more are coming soon

Stay tuned !

Amazon region: Mitú – Vaupés

The Tribal birding 


November 10 - 17


January 26 to February 2   

March 30 to April 6   

Price: 2.550 USD/Birder

Doble accomodation

Group limit: 8 participants

Minimum: 2 Pax

Guide: Edwin Acevedo/Miguel Portura

* You can link this tour to:

The Northern: Santa Marta Endemic mountains, La Guajira area and Coastal Ecosystems   

April 7-12  ( 6 days ) 

* This tour is also  available as a custom tour, from the beginning of October to April of every year.

Just ask us!

The North Coast: Santa Marta Endemic Mountains and La Guajira area

This endemic tour is focusing on the rich and unique avifauna of Santa Marta mountains and the regional endemics of La Guajira region.

Without doubt, many new birds for your list in just one week !



December 10-15  ( 6 days ) 


January 2-7  ( 6 days )

April 7-12 ( 6 days ) 

August 10-16  ( 6 days )


2-3 participants: 1.950 USD/Birder

4-8 participants: 1.700 USD/Birder

*Double accommodation

Group limit: 8 birders

Guide: Edwin Acevedo

* This tour is also available as a custom tour, all year long of every year. 

   Just ask us!

The three Colombian Andes: Western, Central and Eastern Cordillera plus Chocó bio-region and Cauca valley river specialties

Endemics everywhere !

The Andes: A highly biodiverse and complex ecosistem in the world, this tour is a must in the neotropic; here we will be visiting the best accesible places in the country to find the Colombian Andes specialties with the bonus Chocó bioregion and Cauca valley river highlight.


November 26 - December 9 ( 14 days )


January 2-16  ( 14 days )

July 2-16  ( 14 days )


2-3 participants: 3.500 USD/Birder

4-7 participants: 3.200 USD/Birder 

*Double accommodation

Group limit: 8 birders

Guide: Edwin Acevedo/David Ruiz

* This tour is also available as a custom tour, all year long of every year.

Just ask us!

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