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About us

We are a Colombian birding / bird watching company, leading tours according to your wishes and at affordable prices; we are a solid and reliable group of guides who love being in nature areas showing you up our lovely birds.

Native birding experience is for anyone who wants to be enjoying of the endemic, rarest, restricted and beautiful Colombian bird species.


We guide people who want some easy relaxed birding and real hardcore birders, looking for endemics to their list.

Our passion, love for our country natural regions and especial for its birds is unmeasurable. 

This small company is our little bird that becomes into a flock while we are along with you looking for the most amazing and beautiful bird colors.

Our guided trips are very flexible and dynamic.

Here there are some of our characteristics 

Honesty: From the moment you contact us, we are honest about costs, which time of the year is not the best for a specific area, species etc... Could present any complication due to weather conditions or social status of the area; but no problem, we are so flexible and dynamic to offer you some alternatives that make your demands real. We do not have hidden costs !

Low cost: From the moment you contact us we work along with you to make it cheaper and successful. Without lowering the quality of the trip. 

Quality: It is essential for us; we want our clients feel comfortable, safe and happy, in confidence to ask for anything they need. Remember it is a personalized guiding !

Number of birders: Since we want to offer a more personalized guidance, we prefer to bird watch along with 1-8 birders, in order to increase the quality of the birding ; there are some troublesome species to observe, so, a small group is ideal for a better experience.

Safety: Colombia has been undergoing an important social situation over the last years, an example of this is the increasing of tourists visiting our country each year, and bird watchers are not the exception. Safety is a mandatory element in our trips; all the spots we visit are part of the regular birding circuit in Colombia and have been visited for birders all around the world without experiencing any risky situation.

Transportation: We work by the hand of a very qualified transport company which understands clearly how a birding tour is carried out, it offers modern cars: 4x4 and vans in order to make transfers more comfortable and efficient for all.

Food: As Colombia is a much diversified country as well it is about food, every region has a variety dishes to enjoy and hit your taste, even if you are vegetarian.

Accommodation: We stay in lodges into the reserves, some are basic; but warming and decent standard and other excellent. In some cases due to lack of space available into some reserves it is necessary to stay in a hotel o lodge close to the birding sites.

Taking into account that our tour costs are the lowest around, it doesn’t mean we choose substandard hotels or lodges. 

You just have to compare the accommodation with other companies, and you'll realize we make use of the same hotel o lodges.

Guides: Our team, as expertise birders and guides are very familiar about identification and bird voices, and the birding areas are also of our complete knowledge. We are a very easygoing and friendly team.


I am so grateful with the universe for bless us with all the marvels of the nature and for show me the path, my loving and hardworking mother for her advices, support and blessings ¡¡ I love so deeply !!. My family, my girl for her patient, Edison Gomez my best friend what a nice website you designed !. El maestro for the nice NBC logo; my birding friends and friends: Edwar Guarin, Juan P. Tobón and Camilo Rios thanks for make part of this project with some of your great pictures. Martin E. Valencia, the Giraldo Cañas family (esp, Camilo Giraldo C and Juan Manuel Giraldo C). David (El Pájaro) Suarez, Faber Jaramillo and future birding participants coming to bird along with us.

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