The Team

Birding with the natives: Birdwatching in Colombia with local guides is the best option, we born and raised here; we know, live and feel our country: birds, ecosystems, people, culture etc.

These good human beings truly enjoy being on field guiding and meeting new people with mutual pasions: nature and birds !

Tour director : Edwin  D. Acevedo Lopera is a birding guide from Medellín city, graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia as a zootecnista, he has travelled all around Colombia regions  working in many conservation projects, and also by its own in order to find and enjoy our avifauna. Currently vice president of Antioquia society of ornithology - Sociedad Antioqueña de Ornitología (SAO). He has also birded in Venezuela and guided in Perú. Edwin offers you the opportunity to meet and enjoy of endemics, range restricted and astonishing birds across Colombia, plus great scenaries, culture and a friendy company.


Iván Lau Lovera: Biologist and birding guide from venezuela country; Iván arrived in colombia a pair of years ago and then started intensibily birding all around in all almost regions of the country, a very disciplined guy about bird identification and songs, he is a very active and commited birding guide in our country now days.






















Raúl Esteban Goméz - the Fox: Graduated as forestal ingeneer from Universidad Nacional de Colombia ( the one using hat), thanks to his passion and degree he has travelled intensively around colombia; birded also in brazil and very skill portuguese speaker. great companion during guiding in our tours, specially in central Andes. he radiates a very good  vibes onces you interactuate with him !













Ramón David Ruiz: An enthusiastic photographer and birding guide, zootecnista, specialized in enviromental management; he is very active looking for new spots to be birded specially in the central Andes, David recently recorded a population of the endemic and endangered Yellow-headed Brush Finch near the metropolitan area of Medellin City, there was not records of this species in Antioquia deparment before.

Miguel Ángel Portura: A native indigenous birding guide from Mitú-Vaupés belonging to the Tucanos etnia,he has been trained by Etno-Aves Vaupes ONG and the local biologists in Mitú. He is undoubtably the best local birding guide in the amazonia region taking about identification and bird songs, he is a great support in field and also in logistics for our Mitú tours, Miguel is father of five children, skilled constructor, farmer and fisherman; in the near future we will enjoy of some cabins built by him in the middle of the jungle.


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