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Birding with us


These are our types of birding tours in Colombia:

  • Tailor-made trips

  • Scheduled tours

  • Bird photography tours


Tailor-made trips: This birding trip system is much customized. We can design your dreamed birding trip to the Colombia hottest spots.


¡ don’t get complicated !  


Just  e-mail us in order to know your birding expectations and desires: Days of staying in Colombia, endemics or specific species, regions to visit, specific habitats; types of transportation, accommodation, favorite food, facilities during your trip and other demands; so we can send you back a budged for your trip.


Into your trip budget is also considered: Guide fees, guide expenses on transportation, lodging and meals. 


Once you desire to travel with us, we will send you a detailed budget for your trip: Bookings for hotels, lodges, rental car and local flights; and also money with you during your trip in Colombia.

Our birding guidance fees covers: all logistic arrangements before, during and after your experience in Colombia and well qualified and friendly birding companion along your birding trip.

Scheduled Tours: We invite you to visit the tours section, where you can find upcoming tours, their dates, costs and many more. Also, if you prefer a more personalized birding, you can take one of those tours as a Custom tour.

Bird photography tours: Visiting the best and easy accessible places in Colombia (natural and outdoors feeders, Hummingbirds observatories, open areas etc.) to get the best shots you always expect to obtain. It is focused on hummingbirds, Tanagers; Antpittas and other charismatic and colorful birds.

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Native Birding Colombia terms and conditions, for us, as a trustworthy and professional birding company it is very important you feel comfortable, secure and supported at the moment of taking an incredible birding experience with us.


  • Once you decide to take a tour with us, an updated registration form will be sent to you and parallel to this you should send a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the tour through the channels we describe, after that, the remaining amount 70% one month before the tour begins. Only when both actions: filling out the form and the deposit arrive to our account and email, you be considered part of the tour selected.


  • The participants of our tours must assume the cost of the money send via wire Bank or money transfer agencies.


  • The base price of our tours can be subjected to little increase due to currency market oscillations; but do not worry our market has been very stable, without significant changes; we will be very clear and transparent in case any increase be necessary.


Before and during the tour



  • The tours include: Complete logistics before, during and the end of the tour, full time professional birding guidance, one local guide (in the areas where it is mandatory), entrance fees to nature reserves, national parks etc. Overnights staying in hotels, nature reserves and lodges (double occupancy), food (3 meals, drinks/day and water, snacks), ground transportation, domestic flights.


  • Not included in tours: Travel insurance, medical cost or hospitalization, excess baggage charges, laundry, calls, extra costs generated by nature events, cancellations or changes by air or ground transportation companies, or anything of personal nature.



  • For unexpected circumstances out of our control (natural events, changes, cancellations in flights by air companies and/or others etc.) which result in  extra costs, these must be covered by the participants.


  • The tour itinerary is opened to have little changes we consider necessary in order to improve the quality of the birding; ¡your successful  birding experience is our main goal!


  • We are subjected and respect terms and conditions (they are totally apart from ours) of the nature reserves, hotels, air and ground transportation companies, while we are using their services.


  • The birding areas we are going to visit are safe, they are part of the typical Colombia birding circuit, they are being visited by international birders from all around the world. In case of an unexpected robbery on a birding stop on the road, or loss of any belongings in a hotel or lodge, Native Birding Colombia won’t assume any responsibility for this situation, as we mention above, we visit secure places along the trip. We have never undergone any unsafe situation.

Cancellations by participants


In case for any reason a participant must cancel a tour, we can deal with him/her in order to be part of another coming tour, price of the new tour will be analyzed for any adjustments.


Given the case one participant can not take definitely any coming tour, it is important to be aware that we are subjected to the politics of hotels, nature reserves, air and ground transportation companies where previous bookings were made; it is talking about refund money. We also ask for 10% of the total tour price, and we can not assume the cost for sending money to your country, it most be assumed by the participant.


Cancellations by Native birding Colombia

We are always touring, if for any circumstance out of our hands a tour must be cancelled, the total price of the tour will be returned to the participant.



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